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Maize Wallin

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Maize Wallin is a Melbourne based composer, sound designer, and audio programmer. Their focus is in 3D spatialised audio, and dynamic music, using cutting edge techniques. Maize consults in Australia and around the world on these topics, and is heavily engaged in the game development community, and in activism and representation within it.

Maize is currently working on two long term contracts, Wayward Strand a narrative game set in 1978 Australia, and Intarsia a magic crafting game, as well as picking up short term contracts part time. Maize also channels their focus on dynamic and adaptive audio systems, and novel experiences of musicianship - into making their own small experimental music games.

Maize's solo project focus is currently on Noise Drawers, a Virtual Reality musical instrument that they have been performing and touring with.

Other well known games Maize has worked on include VRTOV's A Thin Black Line (2017), Cosmic Express (2017), Invert (2017), Earthrise One (2016), and Framed (2014).

Maize co-founded Nonbinary.Zone, an advocacy group and community of nonbinary people. Maize is on the Widget board of directors, representing the field of audio in videogames, and also drawing on their non-binary community. They are also an active organiser of the Australian Game Worker Unite campaign. Their community work also extends to conference and event organisation.

Maize's work has been shown extensively in prominent Melbourne galleries and museums, such as Arts Centre Melbourne, Fort Delta and the Ian Potter Museum of Art, and a two month residency in the Vienna Museumquartier, at the end of 2016.They have recently been awarded MCV Pacifc Develop 30 Under 30, and and honourable mention from Freeplay Independent Games Festival's Best Experimental Game for NoiseDrawers.

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