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Andrew Curnock

Described by his childhood piano teacher as “the worst student” she'd ever had, Andrew has forged a
career making music and sound for a diverse range of media platforms. Having written music for film,
television, and even making cheesy mobile phone ringtones, his first game soundtrack was for a
Gameboy Advance title in 2006.

Most recently Andrew has completed work on the comedy physics game "Speaking Simulator" working
with Affable Games; a role which saw him creating adaptive music & sound effects, writing scripts and
voice-acting for a suite of characters whilst inventing his own absurd version of Simlish.
In 2018, Andrew started using the term "emotional architecture" to describe his work; not because he
wanted to sound pretentious, but mostly because this was the most concise way to describe the multifaceted
work he undertakes in building a video-game soundtrack.

My Speakers Sessions

Wednesday, October 9

12:30pm AEDT