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Christina Chen

Christina Chen is an expert and entrepreneur in the field of data-driven player optimization and monetisation design for game development.  

With a background in software engineering, Christina played a significant role on the payment services that now underpin the majority of Microsoft platforms such as XBox Live and the Windows phone. These platforms now serve millions of users globally.

As senior producer at PopCap, Christina led her team adopting GaaS in a volatile Chinese market and player retention improved significantly. PopCap developed an understanding of tailoring GaaS to a local market and has become one of the most successful western studios in China. 

Her work has also included co-founding Surprise Attack. In a management position as well as the head of mobile Free-to-Play, Christina worked closely with clients to improve their monetisation design and strategic post-launch operations.

Christina is now the Founder and Managing Director of Second Sight, a company aimed at translating data into actions for game developers. She's also the Chief Game Officer at Lumi Interactive, working on running live game services.