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Trevor Dikes

Audio Lead
Melbourne, Australia.
Trevor has been involved in sound design and implementation in game development for over eight years with experience in both linear and interactive media across all of the major game hardware platforms. He also has advanced implementation experience using FMOD Studio, FMOD Designer and Wwise game audio middleware within Unity 3D, Unreal 4 and in-house game engines. Trevor’s extensive portfolio includes award-winning games such as The Banner Saga 2 & 3, The Forest, Armello, Paperbark and L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files, and he is currently Audio Lead on Fanclub’s Dead Static Drive.

Trevor believes that audio is vital to a player’s experience with a game and that one of the key values in achieving this is early involvement of audio in a projects production and a workflow that allows for iterative design and implementation.

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