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Wendy Young

You have the studio. Now make it an outstanding success.
I understand what it’s like when your studio is at THAT stage.
It’s no fun anymore when it takes up every moment of every day, and then some. It’s exhausting when you’re spread thin across everything from production to development to delivery, and you somehow have to find time to set direction, pitch for funding, manage staff, and the myriad of other things that being the owner of a studio demands. It’s disheartening when no matter how much planning you do, you still find yourself putting out unexpected fires.
You need to run your studio as a business rather than as an exercise in making games, so that:
• your shift in perspective means you can see the forest AND the trees.
• your clarity and certainty of direction mean that you see the fires before they start.
• the ‘R’ in your ROI becomes positive.
• you gain control of your life, both professionally and personally.
If you want your business to serve you instead of dominating you, get in touch with me for a chat.